New fibre optic 4-channel 10-bit digital video multichannel D400

EQUITEL presents its D400 series of compact multichannel equipment for 4-channel 10-bit digital video

January 2, 2007

D400 series is EQUITEL's solution for the transmission of up to four video signals with the highest possible quality using one single fibre. This is a common problem in big security installations, in tunnel control systems and in all those applications in which the transmitted video signal is employed in automatic incident detection systems.

Although the problem can be technically solved in an optimum way by means of a high capacity system, such as EQUITEL D200 (up to 16 digitised video signals), in those cases the use of D400 series is much more efficient from an economic point of view.

In order to cover all possible needs, some D400 models transmit, apart from the four video channels, some auxiliary signals. Namely, two audio signals with CD quality, two RS-232/422/485 asynchronous data signals, two ON/OFF contacts and two user configurable additional channels for the transmission of extra signals of the before mentioned categories.

As in the case of D200 system, in D400 the transmitted video signals are digitised without compression, coded at 10-bit. The technology that is employed here was originally developed for SDH communication systems. A 155.52 Mbits/s bandwidth (STM-1) is assigned to each video signal for a total line rate of 622 Mbits/s (STM-4 / OC-12). With the 10-bit resolution, the transmitted signal attains a SNRw > 67 dB, which is beyond the reach of other systems. Besides, all the problems that are inherent to compression systems, such as latency or pixelisation, are avoided.

Concerning format, D400 units can be delivered both in stand-alone version for 12 V power supply and in 3U high module format for 19"3U rack.

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