New MPEG-4 Video Server C104 model

EQUITEL will display for the first time its new MPEG-4 video server C104 model in the next IFSEC exhibition

March 3, 2007

This server is a high-end model with unique technical characteristics as it is the OSD for the insertion in the codified image of logo images, text and time/date by means of its internal real-time clock that can be synchronised by SNTP.

Besides to transmit the video signal, the C104 server allows the transmission/reception of an asynchronous data channel and two lip-synchronised RCA audio signals.

The C104 server hardware allows the configuration of two video streams with different IP directions (multiunicast or multicast) and with different video quality (visualisation and recording). The maximum video stream rate is 8 Mbits/s so a DVD quality is reached.

These characteristics make of the C104 the optimal server for, as an example, traffic control operators who must provide to the television networks for their public diffusion the images captured by their cameras and wish to identify them suitably.

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