Supply of the transmission systems for "Juan Carlos I" tunnel in Vielha

Equipos de Telecomunicación Optoelectrónicos, S.A. (EQUITEL) has supplied the real time video and data transmission systems, along with VoIP modules for emergency roadside telephone systems, for the new Juan Carlos I tunnel in Vielha (Lérida). This is the second largest tunnel in Spain

November 5, 2007

The new tunnel counts with the newest control and security systems in the National Road 230 underground split, which covers the kilometric points from 151,700 to 156,500 (stretch Vilaller-Viella). This new tunnel solves the security problems of the current one. Being the latter a bidirectional two-lane passage, the new tunnel will consist on three lanes, one of them reversible, which will run parallel to the existing one. Both of them interconnect with 12 evacuation galleries.

This way, EQUITEL has supplied the transmission systems of the two longest tunnels in Spain, being the first the Somport passage that links Spain with France, and that has been recently acknowledged as one of the safest in Europe.

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