EQUITEL supplies Electronic Call Box modules for large international projects

The EQUITEL Electronic Call Box modules, both in its version for tunnel (E301) and fibre optic low power consumption (E321), are being installed in major international projects of tunnels and highways

September 3, 2013

EQUITEL has provided in recent months nearly one thousand Electronic Call Box modules, both E301 model for direct connection to an IP network (mainly in tunnels), and the E321 model for transmission over optical fibre and low power consumption, specially designed for open sky installation where there is no electrical supply opportunity.

For Mexico units for the Nuevo Necaxa tunnels have been supplied, highway from Atlacomulco to Maravatío and the so called highways Pacífico Sur Package. In Saudi Arabia, E301 Call Box modules were installed on the road leading to the Riyadh airport and in Bulgaria units were provided for the new Vidin Bridge over the Danube. Both in Montenegro and Colombia have been supplied E301 electronic modules for different tunnels. In India E321 fibre optic Call Box modules were installed for the COMA ITS project, as well as in Portugal were installed all along the Transmontana highway. For a project in Antofagasta (Chile) was installed a modified version of the E301 module for satellite communication with the Control Center, giving an idea of ​​the versatility of the development of this module to suit specific applications.

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