New measures in EQUITEL's environmental policy

Equipos de Telecomunicación Optoelectrónicos (EQUITEL) has decided to take a step forward in our commitment with the preservation of the environment

January 1, 2008

Following this goal, Equitel already took some internal measures such as recycling and use of recycled products; efficient use of energy and water, minimize of waste, etc.

From now on, Equitel will also reduce the number of documents accompanying each order, thus diminishing the paper load: there will no longer be printed test sheets, and instead of user manuals we will print a quick connect guide. Those customers requiring test sheets or additional user manuals are free to request them, and they will be sent via email in PDF format. User manuals will be available very soon in our web site.

We hope this measure will have the acceptance of our customers and partners. We kindly ask you to collaborate with us, so that we all may contribute for a more ecologic and pleasant world.

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