EQUITEL supplies the equipment for improving several Egyptian archaeological sites security standards

The EQUITEL systems conform the base of this optical communications project

October 3, 2012

The Egyptian Ministry of Culture is seeking to improve the country most important archaeological sites security standards (Gizah, Valley of the Kings, Hatchepsut, Luxor Temple, etc.) and in order to do so has relied on EQUITEL equipment.

The field signals arrive duplicated to two different control centres by means of optical splitters.

There are more than 150 D451 - D452 links that allow the transmission of up to 4 uncompressed digital high quality video channels, as well as the communication signals between the perimetral security systems, and the public address reaching the pharaohs graves.

Equitel has supplied as well more than 70 single channel video and data links over singlemode fibre to manage the isolated domes in field.

The IP domes fibre communications are performed by 60 links of EQUITEL N905 media converters. In those places where only one serial data transmission channel is necessary (to communicate the control centres), N551 pairs are used.

All the EQUITEL systems have undergone thorough functioning and temperature tests, in order to withstand the harsh environmental conditions they will suffer on site.

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