New anti-vandal IP intercom

EQUITEL has launched to the market the IP intercom E451 with a much higher audio quality than its competitors. With real echo cancellation and full-duplex communication, the E451 intercom is the optimal solution for a high quality IP intercommunication and it is very easy to install. Network delays are not a problem any more, and there is no need for an expensive hardware in the operator side

April 15, 2012

Its multiple configurations allow handling the calls reception with its simple software, a hardware PBX or just a simple SIP telephone.

The audio communication is established through one bidirectional audio channel using either the SIP or a proprietary protocol.

The configuration and firmware update is possible via web server. These parameters are stored in the non-volatile programmable memory, not being necessary an additional battery for keeping the stored values.

Double Ethernet connection by means of its two RJ-45 connectors. PoE according to the IEEE 802.3af standard.

Extended operating temperature range from -40 ºC to 74 ºC.

Furthermore, it offers one bidirectional dry contact that can be used, among several possibilities, for gates control, additional push button, relay control, etc.

Acoustic echo cancellation and PoE or 9~14VDC (optional 14~36VDC) power supply.

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