EQUITEL is also present in the new Pamplona - Jaca A-21 highway

EQUITEL supplies a wide range of equipment for this project, from VoIP modules for emergency roadside phones, fibre transmission systems, to network industrial devices

January 15, 2012

The Pyrenees highway, also known as A-21, has been conceived as a high capacity route that will link transversally the Navarra and Aragon regions. It will create a corridor from the Basque Country till Catalonia, and will interconnect with other routes in Jaca (A-23 and N-330) to Huesca or France. This new highway will open new horizons to all these provinces.

EQUITEL has supplied almost one hundred VoIP modules for emergency roadside telephones (E301 - E311 and E321 models), being this the first installation in Spain incorporating low consumption SOS telephones with IP and VoIP technology, over optical fibre, in open road.

The video signals and telemetry from the cameras till the control centre is redundant by using two optical paths, so that there will always be one signal, should the main fibre be lost.

EQUITEL has also supplied 42 field switches (N950 model), for the transmission of the SOS telephones, PLCs, remote stations and other signals.

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