Supply of the systems for the new tunnels in Despeñaperros

The new tunnels in Despeñaperros will avoid drivers around 10 minutes time when travelling to Andalusia. The new route has been completely equipped with Intelligent Traffic Systems and EQUITEL has collaborated with some of the systems installed

October 26, 2011

For the first time, EQUITEL emergency phones system has been installed in full: the VoIP module E301 has been used for the PA system and the calls management has been done by a SIP telephone.

Likewise, the new EQUITEL CEPS (SOS phones management software) is running. This software allows, among other features, different users management, maps configuration, calls recording, public address diffusion, etc.

EQUITEL has also supplied, installed and configured in this tunnel the multi services network: 59 field managed industrial switches and 10 L3 switches for routing and management. This network is configured in 8 redundant rings managed by an L3 core stacked switch. This network provides service to more than 60 IP cameras, 47 emergency roadside telephones y a great number of IP devices such as port servers, PLCs, etc.

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