EQUITEL supplies systems for the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao

EQUITEL has supplied more than 100 10-bit digital video multichannels over optical fibre for this iconic building

December 10, 2010

The Iberdrola Tower is a new iconic building in Bilbao city more than 165 metres high, with 41 floors, 485 parking spaces and 50,000 square metres above ground. It has became the landmark offices building in the north of Spain.

A tertiary architecture work of art, it is a reference for its design, technology and sustainability.

The transport of the more than 300 video and data signals of the fixed and dome cameras from each floor to the control centre, is done through the 4 digital video transmission systems over one multimode fibre, EQUITEL A451-A452 models. This way, it is possible to transmit very high quality signals and take advantage of the benefits of transmission over optical fibres (inmunity, low attenuation, thermal stability, etc).

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