EQUITEL is also present in the new SUPERSUR in Bilbao

EQUITEL supplies systems for video signals transmission, as well as VoIP modules for emergency telephones and the IP video recording management system

March 1, 2011

The Southern Metropolitan By-Pass, populary known as Supersur, will be a user fee-based highway acting as a by-pass around Bilbao. The first stretches will be open in the spring of 2011 and it will be finalized in 2015.

This installation is actually a huge challenge in the IP video management world. Thanks to the powerful software developed by Ipronet in a two-node single cluster, it is possible to record the more than 300 cameras existing in the installation. The transport of these video signals till IP encoders is done through the state-of-the-art EQUITEL 10-bit digital video converters over one singlemode fibre, D451 and D452 models, which guarantees the highest quality in the transmitted signal.

On the other hand, EQUITEL has supplied more than 100 VoIP modules for emergency telephones (E301 model) for several tunnels existing in the project. This way, it is possible to efficiently integrate the communications between the SOS telephones with the infraestructure traffic data.

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