Supply of the transmission systems for the Arlabán and Zarimutz tunnels in the AP-1 highway (Eibar-Vitoria, Spain)

Equipos de Telecomunicación Optoelectrónicos, S.A. (EQUITEL) has supplied the real time video and data transmission systems for the Zarimutz and Arlabán tunnels, the longest in the Basque Country with 3.4 kilometres

October 27, 2008

The UTE (a temporary association of enterprises) composed by the companies Electra, Indra and Ikusi will install the latest security systems in the Arlabán tunnel. This infrastructure will comply with all the European Union security requirements: 68 fans, 110 light signals, 74 traffic lights, 216 loudspeakers, 76 CCTV cameras, 61 emergency telephone systems and 7,000 metres of fire detection cable. Together with the radio coverage inside the tunnel and the construction of a control centre, these are some of the biggest figures and characteristics of this project.

Apart from Arlabán, the UTE has also been appointed for equipping the Zarimutz tunnel in the same highway. This 400 metres long tunnel will count as well with comprehensive equipment consisting on fans, light signals, loudspeakers, CCTV cameras, SOS emergency telephones and a fire detection system.

The high security standards of these tunnels have required the use of redundant systems for the video transmission. The solution suggested by EQUITEL, and approved by the customer, is based on the system D200 (that allows the transmission of up to 128 video signals over just one fibre, multiplexing in wavelength) and using optical matrixes to achieve redundancy.Other systems for video transmission have been used as well, such as the single channel video transmitter A161A and triple channel video receiver A115A for the fixed cameras, and the system A172A - A174A for the PTZ ones.

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