New 4-channel video plus data multichannel over multimode fibre A451/2

EQUITEL presents the models A451 and A452 for the digital transmission of four analogue video signals and one bi-directional data signal over a single multimode fibre

November 8, 2006

Each analogue video signal is codified with 8-bit resolution and transmitted without any type of compression with a near to 100 Mbits/s bandwidth for a total line rate of 400 Mbits/s. The data interface is configurable by the user among RS-232/422/485 (2 or 4w) and it is possible to select a different interface in each of the link ends.

These models can only be used with multimode fibre and they complete the EQUITEL range of solutions for video-surveillance installations with analogue moving cameras and strong low-cost requirements.

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